Lydia Van Dreel - New Millennium Music for Horn

Lydia Van Dreel – New Millennium Music for Horn

Lydia asked me to produce this record and then asked if I’d contribute a piece. The process behind the recording of my Build was pretty funny. And I really like the recording as a whole. Lydia’s a phenom.

From the liner notes:

Brian McWhorter’s “Build” (2010), commissioned by the Machine Project for the Little William Theater Festival of New Music at the Hammer Museum (UCLA) for Doug Tornquist and Luke Storm, is scored as a set of directives for a piece of performance art, e.g. (“…certainly don’t admit with your body language that this is your favorite piece on the show…”, “get lost in your sound and the unconventional lexicon you’re using”, “[ossia: bring a present for your duo partner]”). On this recording, we did a number of takes following the directives. Brian also conducted us through a few of the takes, yielding some hilarious results. The final shaping of BUILD is largely due to Brian’s sheer joy and whimsy in music and irreverence, and his incredible skill as a producer and editor. Also, I couldn’t ask for a better improvisation partner than hornist Kelsi McGlothin, featured here.