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Sound American: Brian McWhorter on the Sports Ritual; Ritual and Practice

I was interviewed by Sound American on the topic of ritual and practice. You can find it here:

Interview for Jens Lindemann's Trumpet Tip Tuesday

Interview for Jens Lindemann’s Trumpet Tip Tuesday

QUESTION 1 [THREE ON THE SAME TOPIC] Brian, what would you say are the most valuable assets to have during a performance? And even if you’re in a negative mental space, how do you push yourself out of that and…

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NYTimes: Baton in This Race Is the Conductor’s

“McWhorter, who studied trumpet and composition at the Juilliard School before coming to the music department at the University of Oregon, has become something of a minicelebrity for the mayhem of the creative process. He has constructed bathtubs adorned with…

All Classical PDX - Music for 10,000

All Classical PDX – Music for 10,000


KLCC: Orchestra Next's Unique Mentorship Model

KLCC: Orchestra Next’s Unique Mentorship Model

“In just two years, Orchestra Next has established a training orchestra in the Willamette Valley, and become the resident orchestra for the Eugene Ballet. Music director Brian McWhorter speaks with Eric Alan about the orchestra’s unique mentorship model, pairing student…

EW: Tune in Tomorrow

EW: Tune in Tomorrow

“How about if I get an orchestra together for you?” McWhorter offered, rashly. He’d conduct it himself if he had to. Grannan agreed. McWhorter, a jazzman from way back, quickly realized how impetuous his improvisation had been. “I didn’t have an orchestra, I didn’t have money to pay an orchestra and I’d never conducted an orchestra before,” he recalls. Yet he knew he had to try. – Brett Campbell

There is No Sound in My Head - documentary

There is No Sound in My Head – documentary

Here is a fascinating documentary that deals with Mark Applebaum and his graphic score “Metaphysics of Notation.” I’m involved throughout as a performer and interviewee. Lots of great performances throughout from a variety of performers. There’s No Sound In My…

The Mouthpiece - Interview with Brian McWhorter

The Mouthpiece – Interview with Brian McWhorter