Flutist Molly Barth and guitarist Dieter Hennings join forces to form Duo Damiana, a trail-blazing ensemble dedicated to pushing the boundaries of  flute and guitar music. In their debut album, titled Castillos de Viento (Castles in the Wind), Duo Damiana has…

Left Hand of Darkness

“Original music by Brian McWhorter, director of Orchestra Next, offers gorgeous harmonies and compelling percussion in several songs with lyrics derived from the book.” The Register Guard, Nov. 7, 2017

Classically Trained Podcast: Am I Still a Musician If...?


The Snow Queen

Oregon’s Orchestra Next, in collaboration with the Eugene Ballet Company, has released its debut album featuring the world premiere recording of Kenji Bunch’s The Snow Queen. This 100-minute ballet score is a significant addition to the repertoire. Unlike Disney’s movie…

Outside In, for solo percussion & optional mannequins

a scene for solo percussionist, nine instruments, mannequins*,and an audience* Commissioned by Third Angle New Music and Ronni Lacroute  for the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks Service


I produced this album (and that was a task) but the story that rattles around in my head when I think about thorn had nothing to do with the production. I was originally slated to record on one piece (Involuntary) and…in…

The Natalie Merchant Collection

“Nonesuch Records releases The Natalie Merchant Collection—a deluxe ten-CD box set compiled by Natalie Merchant—on June 23, 2017. The Natalie Merchant Collection comprises ten discs, including all eight of her solo studio albums from the past three decades.” (from nonesuch.com) There…

Eugene Weekly: "The Nutcracker" Review

“Brian McWhorter’s Orchestra NEXT and the Cantible Collective, under direction of Chris Dobson, elevate the effort from enjoyable to resplendent.”

It's Not About the Tone - Article for ITG

It’s Not About the Tone a thought on developing voice by Brian McWhorter Great trumpet players have always had their own voice. In some cases, their voices were spectacular – some were simple – some were tireless or terrifying, and…

Go Crazy - a Latin Jazz Medley of Prince Tunes

Commissioned by the United States Marine Band