EW: Ever-Evolving Nutcracker

EW: Ever-Evolving Nutcracker

Another exciting change is the recent addition of Orchestra NEXT, a training orchestra led by trumpet virtuoso Brian McWhorter. NEXT, which places leading professionals alongside aspiring musicians, will be performing the iconic Tchaikovsky score. “To have young people in the show on stage and then to have young people in the pit,” Pimble says, “it just gives a wonderful feel, a community feel, to the performance.”

KLCC: Orchestra Next's Unique Mentorship Model

KLCC: Orchestra Next’s Unique Mentorship Model

“In just two years, Orchestra Next has established a training orchestra in the Willamette Valley, and become the resident orchestra for the Eugene Ballet. Music director Brian McWhorter speaks with Eric Alan about the orchestra’s unique mentorship model, pairing student…

Steve Owen - Stand up Eight

Steve Owen – Stand up Eight

I love this record. Steve put together this killer band to record his killer compositions and arrangements for big band. I rarely like to listen to an album I’ve been part of for fun but there are a few tracks…