The Natalie Merchant Collection

The Natalie Merchant Collection

“Nonesuch Records releases The Natalie Merchant Collection—a deluxe ten-CD box set compiled by Natalie Merchant—on June 23, 2017. The Natalie Merchant Collection comprises ten discs, including all eight of her solo studio albums from the past three decades.” (from There…

Lei Liang - Milou

Lei Liang – Milou

The opening track of this record Ascension was recorded by Meridian Arts Ensemble – and it was my last recording with them before I left the band. It is a terrifyingly difficult work for brass and a really interesting piece…

Meridian Arts Ensemble - Live at the Library of Congress [DVD]

Meridian Arts Ensemble – Live at the Library of Congress [DVD]

Sock Monkey - Mark Applebaum

Sock Monkey – Mark Applebaum

All Things Considered: Timbrando Review

All Things Considered: Timbrando Review

“The traditional brass ensemble is made up of five players, but the Meridian Arts Ensemble is far from a traditional quintet. As part of its innovative approach, the group has expanded that configuration by adding a percussionist. Its new album…

Meridian Arts Ensemble - Americantus

Meridian Arts Ensemble – Americantus

The brass quintet music of Britton Theurer

Timbrando - Meridian Arts Ensemble

Timbrando – Meridian Arts Ensemble

An NPR feature on Meridian Arts Ensemble’s Timbrando . album details here:

Meridian Arts Ensemble - Brink

Meridian Arts Ensemble – Brink

November Music 2003

November Music 2003

Brassquintet and Percussion by Kim Bowman Meridian Arts Ensemble recorded at ‘De Toonzaal’ ‘s-Hertogenbosch, 14 November, 2003. Buma/Stemra Published By AMC Australia