October Alumni Spotlight



 [Photo submitted by Sue Ann Ooi]
1) When did you get into Wushu?
I got into Wushu my freshman year at the UO during the first few weeks of school. When I started, the coach/captain of the team at the time was Phillip Dang, who would be my coach for most of my time there.
2) How long were you in the club? 
I was with the club all throughout my four years at UO. There was never a time when I thought of quitting the team at all.
3) How did you find out about it?
When I arrived at the UO, I already knew some friends who were already members of the Wushu club because they had gone to my high school, so they invited me to one of the practices at the rec room.
4) Were you ever a coordinator or captain?
Yup, co-captain with Byron Chang during the school year 2007-2008.
5) How did you balance all your activities during college?
That was pretty challenging at times, to be honest. I worked as a Resident Assistant (R.A.) both my sophomore and junior years of college, so to balance a full load of classes, with Wushu practices 6+ hours a week, on top of being an R.A. which is a 24-hr job, it took a lot of dedication for each activity in order to be able to perform all of them at the same time. I think the key was to take each day at a time and have good time management skills.
6) Did you specialize in something?
Not really. We were big on basics and techniques so we focused a lot on those things more than swords or weapons.
7) How did the people you meet impact your life?
Most if not all of my closest friends right now (even after 7 years of graduating), I met them through Wushu or the UO team. It’s not so surprising, since we spent a lot of time together as teammates, from hours of training together at the rec room, to eating together after practices, and even studying together.
8) How has Wushu impacted your life?
I was never athletic before I started Wushu. Training with Coach Phil made me realize how much more you can do with your muscles if you put them through strict training. Wushu also gave me the opportunity to be more social, lead a team and meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise.
9) Where are you now in life?
This is a pretty deep question. I’m now living in LA, spending my weekends watching Oregon football and/or hanging out with friends doing things normal people do.
10) Do you still practice/are involved with Wushu?
Not practicing anymore. After UO, I did continue training for a couple of years with the UCLA and USC teams down here in Southern California when I moved to LA. Since then, with a busy work schedule, I haven’t been able to keep up with training. Although I do still hang out with Wushu people constantly, so you can say that I am still involved in some way.
11) Any words for current/future members and the general public?
Keep up the good work – it’s great to see the UO Wushu team building bigger and bigger teams each year and spreading the love for Wushu one horsestance at a time.

September Alumni Spotlight

 Dana pic for blog 
 [Photo taken by Keith Uyemura]

1) When did you get into Wushu?
I started my freshman year -- way back in 2009!

2) How long were you in the club?
Five years if I count the year I was a captain.
(Half a decade sounds cooler, but it also makes me feel older...)

3) How did you find out about Wushu?
My roommate and I went to the same taekwondo studio
before college, but since UO didn't have a taekwondo club at the time, we decided to give Wushu a shot after she brought back a flyer from the 
Club Sports Fair. We also saw them running around with weapons
during IntroDUCKtion and may or may not have followed them to see if they were going to demo (they didn't). They seemed like fun people and
in hindsight I'm really happy the random group with weapons were Wushu people.

4) Were you ever a coordinator or captain?
I was a coordinator for two years and a captain for one. Being a captain is definitely more fun, but coordinating is fulfilling in its own way.

5) How did you balance all your activities during college?
In short, I was terrible at balancing school and Wushu. If I could do it all
over again, there'd definitely be way more efficient time management and studying going on. However, I can't really say that I regret focusing on 
Wushu so much because it was something I really loved and I was able to share it with a bunch of wonderful people.

6) How did the people you meet impact your life?
Now activating sappy mode: joining Wushu introduced me to people who are now my best friends and although we don't talk every day, they definitely continue to impact me. Also, I wouldn't have heard about or got the internship and job I currently have without the help of Wushu people -- to me, that's amazing that one community can do so much. Wushu people are stubborn, resilient, and the most diverse group of oddballs I've ever met and I definitely wouldn't be anywhere close to who I am right now if I didn't meet them.

7) How has Wushu impacted your life?
I just said so much cheesy stuff about the people, but in terms of the sport itself, sometimes I half wish I never went to that first Wushu practice 
(but not really). You hit a point where you realize whether you do the sport because you love the activity itself or the people. For me it's both, 
but loving the sport and not getting to practice the way I want to on a 
regular basis for a very long time because of various reasons bothers me more than I thought it would. I'm not sure why I like Wushu so much, but I think about it every day whether I want to or not and it makes me antsy. It's definitely had a huge impact on me! On a less gloomy note, I'd say that overall it's made me more determined and willing to struggle for things I want rather than just giving up.

8) Where are you now in life?
I currently work in Tokyo as an assistant English instructor at elementary schools, middle schools, and for different businesses.

9) Do you still have practice?/Are you still involved with Wushu?
Working on it! One of my current goals is to start attending a class 
by the end of the summer and to get my splits back.

10) Do you have any words for current/future members and the general public?
- Don't overthink things
- Work hard, but remember to have fun
- Pay your coordinator/s on time
- Remember your [very important] basics. Beautiful stances. All the time. 
Especially when you think no one's watching.
-Additional stuff: I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and next year is awesome!! Jiayou!

Year 2015-2016!

Hello all!

We are finally close to the end of the school year! We have begun transitions in leadership in preparation for next year.

Our new council for the year 2015-2016:

President: Martin Leung

Treasurer: Kasey Sullivan

Social Media Manager: Tommy Yang

Captains: Wing Ng and Elirissa Hui


Congratulations to the new council, and best of luck next year!

MORE Upcoming Events!

Hello everyone!

Just this past Sunday, we partnered with the UO Confucius Institute and the Cinema Pacific Film Festival to hold the Masters of Chinese Martial Arts Event! Master Hu Jianqiang, and his wife, Master Zong Jianmei came from LA as a guest of our event. Master David Leung of Leung Martial Arts in Eugene was also a guest at our event. The event showcased different styles of Wushu, and UO Wushu Club had the opportunity to also show what we know as well. In addition, we also got to learn some more Wushu from Master Hu Jianqiang in different styles such as Changquan, Straightsword, Fan, and Eagle!

We would like to thank everyone for coming to this event and supporting us!

Here are some photos of our event!



If you would like to see some more photos, check out our Facebook at www.facebook.com/uowushu

Spring 2015 Update!

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since we have posted on our blog!

Our Spring Term practices are now:
Monday: 7-9pm, Gerlinger Hall 220
Wednesday: 7-9pm, Mat Room 47-Rec Center
Friday: 5-7pm, Multipurpose Room 1-Rec Center
Feel free to come by and try some Wushu out!

Now that it is spring term, we have a couple of demos lined up for us this upcoming week! Here is the list:

Friday, May 1 – 12:15pm-1pm: FLIS Demo, EMU Gumwood Room
Saturday, May 2 – 6:30pm: ISA’s I-Night Demo, EMU Ballroom
Saturday, May 2 – 7:30pm – 11pm, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (We will be running a Wushu photobooth, feel free to stop by and learn some Wushu!
Sunday, May 3 – 12:30pm-3pm: Cinema Pacific Presents: MASTERS OF CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS, Gerlinger Hall 220

Please stop by and support UO Wushu, we will gladly appreciate it!

UO Wushu has been very busy with competitions and demos the past couple months. At our first competition of the year, CMAT, Kasey Sullivan and Tommy Yang received 1st place in their weapons division. Kasey won gold in her straightsword event, and Tommy won gold in his staff event. Blake Rawson, placed 2nd in his staff event. At our second competition this year, the 19th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament at University of California – Irvine, Beginner Kasey Sullivan placed 1st in her straightsword event, Elirissa Hui placed 3rd in her advanced Changquan event, and alumni Michael Nilson placed 3rd in his advanced Spear event. Congrats and great job to all competitors at Collegiates this year!

Here is a photo of UO Wushu with some alumni at this year’s 19th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament in Irvine, California!


Demo Season is Here!

Hello everyone!

Demo season for UO Wushu is coming up very soon. Here are dates and times of our upcoming performances, be sure to come and support us!

1. East Dream Chinese Dance Group’s Annual Dance Concert
When: Sunday, February 8th at 7:30pm
Where: OSU LaSells Center
*tickets are needed for entry

2. Asian Celebration
When: Saturday, February 14th at 10am (on the Martial Arts Stage)
and Saturday, February 14th at 5:45pm (Presentation Stage)
Where: Lane County Events Center

3. Willamette University’s Chinese New Year Festival
When: Sunday, February 22nd, time TBA
Where: Willamette University, Cat Cavern

Please come and support us, we would greatly appreciate it!

Training Hard!

Hello everybody!

UO Wushu has been working very hard as a team, learning more and more at each practice! Just two weeks ago, we trained with UO Alumni, Phillip Dang! We all had a wonderful time learning from Sifu Phillip and trained very hard!

2014-11-14 20.06.38-2

We hope everyone is doing well! Thank you everyone for all your support! We really appreciate it!

Last Demo for now!

We just had our final demo for the beginning of the school year! It was for the Asian Pacific Islander Welcome Event in the LLC South Performance Hall. If you missed it, make sure you check it out here:

Like our Facebook page to stay updated:

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us for our first couple demos! Make sure you stay updated with us for our other demos later in the year!