CMAT 19 Results!!!

Sorry for the delay everyone!

For those of you who haven’t seen the link on the Facebook page, CMAT* results are up.

How UO Wushu did: 4 gold, 7 silver, 4 bronze (counting Nathan and Colin’s tie as 1 medal), Male Adult Contemporary All-Around Champion (congrats Nathan!)

Breakdown of Standings:

Galen Scovell: 2nd, Beginner Male Adult Contemporary Staff (Gun Shu)

Amy Wong: 2nd, Beginner Female Adult Contemporary Longfist (Chang Quan), 1st Beginner Female Contemporary Straight Sword (Jian Shu)

Paul Dargan: 1st, Intermediate Male Adult Other Contemporary Hand (Drunken), 3rd Intermediate Male Adult Contemporary Broadsword (Dao Shu)

Kenney Hersch: 3rd, Intermediate Male Adult Contemporary Straight Sword (Jian Shu)

Kuni Kosugi: 1st, Intermediate Female Adult Contemporary Broadsword (Dao Shu)

Dana Macalanda: 1st, Intermediate Female Adult Other Contemporary Weapon (Guan Dao)

Brinna Keillor: 2nd, Intermediate Female Adult Other Contemporary Weapon (Fan)

Tom Diamond: 2nd, Advanced Male Adult Other Contemporary Hand (Mantis), 3rd, Advanced Male Adult Open Chen

Nathan Andrus-Hughes: 3rd, Advanced Male Adult Other Contemporary Hand (Fanzi)

Colin Cook: 3rd, Advanced Male Adult Other Contemporary Hand (Fanzi)


Goo Quach: 3rd, Advanced Male Adult Contemporary Longfist (Chang Quan)

Phillip Dang: 2nd, Advanced Male Adult Contemporary Spear (Xiang Shu)

Sara Kleinknecht: 2nd, Intermediate Female Adult Contemporary Spear (Xiang Shu)

Congrats to everyone who competed and thank you so much to everyone who came down and supported us! We really appreciate you guys.

*CMAT stands for Contemporary Chinese Martial Arts Tournament and is an annual competition held at the University of California, Berkeley. It is the largest martial arts tournament in the United States.

New Wushu Site!

So we finally have a revamped system via WordPress for our website. My reason for doing this is to make managing a UO webpage much much easier since it manages content for anyone to see old or new stuff without a great hassle. Adding pages is also easy as pie, so I’m very excited to see how this will go.

Later on I’m considering a forum as well. Any takers?

In the mean time I’ll be focusing on importing the old, getting a calender up, and making things just work with this temporary theme.