How Did the Club Begin?

The University of Oregon Wushu Club was formed in 1994 by Coach Daniel Wu to promote Wushu in the United States, and specifically at the collegiate level. The UO Wushu Club operates under the University of Oregon Club Sports organization and is run by students and volunteers.

Club members work together to provide a positive atmosphere for training. Club meetings are characterized by intense workouts with a focus on the fundamentals of Wushu including cardio, basics and forms.

The club makes frequent trips up and down the West Coast to participate in both Collegiate Wushu competitions and other Wushu related competitions. The team also participates in campus and community cultural events such as demos at the EMU Amphitheatre, Eugene’s Annual Asian Celebration, and the campus held Chinese New Year’s event. In addition to performance and competition, club members form close friendships and participate in social events outside of the club.

The club is free and open to all students and staff of the university. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Wushu and come by practice!

Much of our early beginnings as a club has been recorded here by Brandon Sugiyama, 2nd Captain of the UO Wushu Team:

History of UO Wushu



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