CMAT 20 Results and Recap

Medal Count: 7 total (2 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze)

Luke Vang: 2nd Beginner Male Adult Contemporary Longfist (Chang quan), 1st Beginner Male Adult Contemporary Straight Sword (Jian shu)

Brinna Keillor: 3rd Intermediate Female Adult Contemporary Other Weapon (Fan)

Michelle Tran: 2nd Advanced Female Contemporary Longfist (Chang quan)

Michael Nilson: 2nd Intermediate Male Adult Other Weapon (Fan)

Heather Cameron: 3rd Intermediate Female Adult Contemporary Longfist (Chang quan)

Tom Diamond: 2nd Advanced Male Adult Taiji Chen


Additionally, UO alumnus, former coach and National A Team member Brandon Sugiyama took part in the Masters Demo during the tournament’s opening ceremony.

Phillip Dang (former coach): 1st Advanced Male Contemporary Spear (Qian shu)

Phil and his brother Peter, who also medaled in a number of his events, opened the doors to their new school in February. Summit Wushu Academy – based in Clackamas, Oregon – has hosted two seminars for current UO Wushu team members and alumni since opening, and the team is extremely grateful for the opportunity to train with them.

Videos of all UO competitors forms may be found on the YouTube channel (also linked to in the sidebar), and videos of non-UO friends may be found on Dana’s channel. Good job everyone, and onward to Collegiates!!!!!!!