FCPX Tutorials

Most Cinema Studies production classes use Final Cut Pro X (10.2.3) for their class assignments.

The linked pages below provide a walk through of the basic work flow of FCPX from media management to sharing along with additional resources such as screenshots, and a list of shortcuts.

The pages also contain general tips and information that will transfer to other editing programs such as Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere.

Videos are also provided for select topics.  Click on the links to the view the short tutorial videos.    

  1. Importing and Organizing Media

    1. Video: Basics of Libraries and Events
    2. Video: Importing Media
    3. Video: Keyword Collections
    4. Video: Smart Collections
  2. Creating a Rough Cut

  3. Refining an Edit

  4. Finalizing and Exporting the Project

  5. Shortcuts

  6. Coming soon – Advanced Techniques and Effects

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