FCPX Shortcuts

Here are some of the most used keyboard short cuts in Final Cut Pro. There are many, many more so always be on the lookout for short cuts that could help you edit more efficiently.

J, K, L Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward N Snapping on/off
Shift Z Zoom to Fit Cmnd +, – Zoom in and out
Cmnd Z Undo Cntl R Render Selection
T Trim Tool I, O Place In and Out Point
R Range Selector Tool Opt X Clear In and Out
B Blade Tool Opt V Paste Attributes
A Arrow Tool Cmnd K Keyword Collection Tool
M Place Marker Q Connected Edit
P Position Tool W Insert Edit
Opt F Insert Freeze Frame E Append Edit
Cmnd G Create Storyline Cmnd T Dissolve Transition
V Clip Disable Cntl D Change Duration

This page was written by Kevin May for the University of Oregon Cinema Studies Program and is published under Creative Commons license (CC BY NC SA 3.0)

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