Portfolio: What is Art?


The assignment this week was to address the reading or video and take a point that was discussed to make our own discussion about it. I chose to look at the TED talk from Dutton, and the point that became most interesting was his idea of evolutionary desire for certain aesthetics. The point of this week was to consider what art is, and how it is different over time and location. Ellen Dissanayake was the reading, and she brought up a number of good points. One of which was, ““As the vehicle for group meaning and the galvanizer of group oneheartedness, art-conjoined-with-ritual is essential to group survival – quite literally art for life’s sake” (Dissanayake pg. 21, 1991). This point drove the conversation in conjunction with the Dutton talk.

In my response I wrote, “This was an intriguing aspect to me, because I think that the evolutionary drive that is in all animals, including humans, gives us a sense of what it is that we are looking for in a place to live.” Evolutionary drive has made life possible. Art is part of that drive by having certain aspects that connect everyone. For the future I want to continue to learn about how there are some things that are beautiful to everyone in the world, and how this could be a connecting piece for all groups.

Dissanayake, E. (1991). What is art for? In K. C. Caroll (Ed.). Keynote adresses 1991 (NAEA Convention),(pp.15-26). Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.


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