UO Alumni Report: Hannah Santucci

hannah santucci picHannah Santucci, a University of Oregon graduate and a previous PRSSA member, has had quite the adventure since receiving her degree in 2012. She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to explain her journey and share some helpful tips with current public relations students.

Santucci started her journey by spontaneously moving to California after graduation in search of a career. In October 2012, she landed a job with a start-up company, Become.com. After a few months at her first job, her career path changed course and she became the junior marketing programs coordinator at the CMO Council. After testing out the waters, she came to the conclusion that this position was not what she envisioned and she continued her search for a career that she could be passionate about.

In October 2014, Santucci found success in her job hunt. She was hired as a member of Old Navy’s Field Communication Team and continues to work for the clothing company today. As a member of its field communications team, she receives, stores and relays messages from business partners and executives. She then edits, repackages and publishes these important messages on the company’s internal portal.

Hannah’s Tips for Graduating Seniors:

1. Not only do employers want to see what you’ve done on your resume, they want to see how well you can talk about those experiences.

2. Be confident, be passionate, be a Duck.

3. Begin to apply for jobs months before graduation.

4. Take all interviews seriously.

5. Have an intriguing resume layout.

6. Clean-up your social media accounts.

Thank you Hannah for sharing your story and your valuable PR tips! Feel free to follow Hannah on Twitter, @hannahsantucci.



Shelby Nelson, External Relations Committee, serves as a project manager for the PRSSA blog. She is a senior pursuing a Public Relations degree. Feel free to follow her on Twitter at @shelbybriann.

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