6 Things We Learned at PRSSA National Conference

PRSSA National Conference provides the opportunity for members to develop public relations skills, network with professionals, and learn how to succeed in a competitive industry.

From Friday, Oct. 25 to Monday, Oct. 28, UO PRSSA stayed in Philadelphia for the 2013 PRSSA National Conference, where we learned a lot from the industry’s top professionals. Here are 6 things we’d like to share with you:

  • Develop a personal brand. Nothing is more important than branding yourself through social media platforms. From your Twitter to your blog to your online portfolio – make sure to show character while maintaining professionalism.
  • Tell a story. Learn to tell a story through data and make a lasting impact.
  • Read, read, read. Stay current with what is going on around the world. Read local newspapers, PR news, industry publications and the NY times daily.
  • Think before you send. Mary Beth West of Mary Beth West Communications emphasizes that “the devil is in the details.” It’s crucial to look over everything you produce before clicking send, whether it’s social media, an email or press release. Typos and grammatical errors matter, so pay close attention to everything.
  • Build genuine relationships. Get involved today, whether it’s through PRSSA, intramural sports or student government. Networking with others can uncover common goals or interests that build lasting connections.
  • Prepare an elevator pitch. Always have a 30-second elevator pitch about yourself on hand. Highlight who you are and what you’ve done. An interesting pitch will make you memorable to anyone you meet.

What tips do you have for pre-professionals?


Kathleen Nguyen, finance director for the 2013-2013 school year, is a senior at the University of Oregon studying public relations. You can reach Kathleen at knguyen3@uoregon.edu.


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