Quintessential Querétaro

Colorful shops along stone-lined streets, splashing fountains dotting squares and plazas, brilliant bougainvillea spilling over walls – welcome to quintessential Querétaro! From the graceful arches of the aqueducts overhead to the architecture of the churches, there’s a lot to see in this quaint and historical Mexican town, and GEO invites our partner students to come and experience it with us starting in summer 2019!

In this six week summer program, it is possible to complete an entire year of 200-level Spanish for the intermediate student! As an alternative, students can study Mexican history, literature and Advanced Spanish integrated with the culture and history of the city and the region. Classes are held at the  Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ) downtown campus, which is within a short walk to Querétaro’s vibrant, clean and safe historic center. Students receive the support of a University of Oregon (UO) faculty acting as a resident director on-site during the entire period. The resident director supplements their experience with extra activities to help the students truly immerse themselves in all the area has to offer. The city and the region is one of the safest in the country, having a U.S. State Department travel advisory level on par with much of Western Europe, including France, the UK and Germany.

Querétaro offers the perfect program length for students looking to immerse themselves in Spanish and leapfrog in their fluency without being gone for an entire semester. However, if your student is looking for a Latin American experience in a different country or for a longer period of time, have them look into Rosario, Argentina, which lays claim to the safest travel advisory rating used by the U.S. State Department. All Rosario programs start with a four-night excursion in Buenos Aires, and then they move to Rosario for classes. In the six-week summer program, students can complete a year of 200-level Spanish, or they can choose to study Argentine history, culture and society along with Spanish linguistics. Students looking for a longer term of study can spend the entire fall term in Rosario enrolled in language classes, as well as having the option to engage in independent research or internships. For the ultimate experience, a student could consider summer in Querétaro and fall in Rosario!

Great things are coming for our Latin American programming in the next two years, and we’re excited to share it with you and your students!