GEO Launches #NoPassportNeeded Experiences

Global Engagement #NoPassportNeeded from International Ducks on Vimeo.

As the world adapts to new realities, GEO is making it easier than ever to, remotely, experience the furthest reaches of our interconnected world this summer. #NoPassportNeeded Experiences are credit-bearing learning opportunities tailored for students to maximize access to the global community in a whole new way.

Taught by world-class faculty, these one-of-a-kind experiences remotely transport students to the locations they wish to study, with the people and places they most wish to meet and see. Experiences may include live weekly meals with a host family, live walking tours of the city and local venues, guest speakers and language partners, but also have the flexibility of some pre-recorded course work, when appropriate. It’s a perfect balance of global engagement and flexibility, and it allows students to customize their experiences however they want.Taking a class with former editor of the BBC World News Service Andrew Whitehead in London, and a Spanish instructor in Segovia, Spain, in the same day? No problem! It’s easier than ever for students to have a global experience this summer.

Any GEO alumni who enroll in an experience get a 20% discount, and all students who enroll in an experience automatically receive a $1000 scholarship towards any GEO Center or faculty-led programs through Summer 2021 once travel-based programs resume!

To get a further look at some of the great options, check out this video from our London faculty:

GEO London Faculty from International Ducks on Vimeo.