GEO Ambassador Summer Scholarship Deadline Extended!

At the beginning of 2018, GEO announced an increase in dedicated funding for partner student scholarships in the amount of $20,000! With the summer deadline (3/15) upon us, we are hoping for still more applicants!

At $1000, this is a substantial scholarship, and any student who has completed an application with GEO for the summer is invited to apply, so please spread the word to your students! The new summer scholarship application deadline is April 10th.

Of course, fall program partner students are also invited to apply for the GEO Ambassador scholarship, and they may also do so by April 10th! The chances have been never better for partner students to receive this scholarship from GEO, so be sure to remind them to apply!

When applying, students have two options to satisfy the GEO Ambassador scholarship requirements, either 1 OR 2 below:

Option 1: Project Proposal

During and/or after their study abroad program, recipients will be asked create a multimedia project of their own design that effectively and creatively communicates their experience. They can choose to focus on a particular element of their study abroad experience (curriculum, location, excursions, etc.), or on the experience as a whole. To help convey the story in an accessible and engaging manner, the project may include (but is not limited to):

  • Video
  • Blogs (regularly updated while abroad)
  • Journaling/Interviews
  • Photographs

Option 2: GEO Ambassadorship

In the academic year following their return, scholarship recipients will be expected to act as “Ambassadors” for GEO, sharing their experiences with others on their home campus, in their community and beyond. Please note, scholarship recipients who will not be on their home campus the following year can still act as a GEO Ambassador. Responsibilities of a GEO Ambassador may include (but will not be limited to):

  • Presenting on their experience at various local events.
  • Answering questions from peers and/or potential students in person or via e-mail/telephone.
  • Representing GEO at their school’s study abroad fair.


Students wishing to open an application for either summer or fall can do so here.