Lexicon: Week 3


Culture is difficult to define because it’s so fluid. A simple definition is a shared system of beliefs and traditions, but it’s a lot more than that, especially since communication between people all over the world has increased greatly. Globalization has caused many cultures to merge, grow, and disappear, and it has even caused new cultures to emerge, such as internet cultures that emerge around ideas.

In the context of this class, I see access as one of two things. First, it is something that is easy for people to grasp and conceptualize. It is the ability to gain certain knowledge through a comprehensible platform. Second, access can also mean having literal access to something, like an exhibit or a website.


Trends refers to patterns in the market, and can be used to predict what will be popular, how to market it, and whom to market it to. Paying attention to trends can be very helpful to people who work in the arts because they can develop a more efficient marketing plan if they know what to expect.


Consumers are people who take part in whatever you’re selling, to put it simply. We all consume goods, whether it’s food, technology, or even a theater production. Consumers play an important role in developing market trends, and their feedback can shape industries.

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