Media Inventory

The organization I’m using for my case study is Trauma Healing Project, which provides services to people who have been affected by trauma in an attempt to create a healthier society. My meeting with them is on Friday, so for my media inventory, I’m going strictly by what I’ve been able to find on my own.


The website needs updating, to say the least. The front page is a little bit cluttered, but it does have important information on it, such as a fundraising campaign, its mission, and links to other ways to connect with THP. Through the sidebar on the website, there is an “About Us” section which goes into further detail about the organization, a calendar tab, which is an easy way to learn about events and classes, and other sources for people who have been affected by trauma. There’s even information about the artwork on the website, which I found cool. In all, while the website looks dated, it’s packed with valuable information and is a good resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the organization.

Email List:

You can sign up to join an email list from the home page of the THP project. The purpose of the list is to “share news and information on efforts to address, end and heal violence and other trauma in Lane County, Oregon” ( I can’t tell how often emails are sent out, but it seems to be monthly, according to the “Community Archive”.

Facebook Group:

THP does have a Facebook page that is updated fairly regularly with news and community events; however, there are only around 300 people who “like” the page, so THP does lack visibility.

Again, as I have more contact with Trauma Healing Project, I will update this inventory to reflect what I learn. As of now, THP’s biggest setback is their lack of visibility within the community. It’s a great organization with a lot to offer, but it needs to get its name out there.

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