PLC Water Intrusion on Sixth Floor

UPDATE 10/1/20:

Crews will be working on the 5th and 6th floors.  There will be noise and congestion in the work areas as this issue is addressed.


Wednesday, September 30th, a water intrusion has been identified in PLC, affecting the sixth floor. Water containment and clean up response actions have started, and EH&S will evaluate for building impacts this morning. Mitigation will be taking place in the coming days to dry affected building finishes. Mitigation will be managed by EH&S and CPFM. Please direct all questions to CPFM Work Control at 541.346.2319.


The water intrusion was caused by a malfunctioning drinking fountain in the South portion of hallway 601 near the elevators. Occupants of affected spaces should catalog any damaged items and report them to Risk Management. Further information about this process can be found at:

Additional information will be provided as the situation develops.