New Project Intake Form Launches 9/23

Facilities Liaisons,

Monday, September 23, the project request form will take you to a new project intake form that is integrated with the U of O Call Log. If you are already a call log user, you can toggle at the top of the screen between “Project Request” and “Service Request.”

The form will remain available via the Design and Construction website under “Initiate a Project.”

This new integration streamlines the project intake process into our Work Management system AiM. Many of the questions are similar to the previous project intake form. The interactive map now allows the requestor to select more than one location through multiple pin drops.

The requestor has the ability to notify the Liaison when the pin is dropped. Click on details next to Liaison count. The Liaison list provides the requestor the opportunity to inform the Liaison of the project request by selecting notify.


For questions regarding this new form please contact Bruce Budzik Small Projects & Cap Imp Mngr, Campus Planning and Facilities Management 541-346-8834