Winter Learning Goals

During this winter term I would like to learn about video marketing. I’ve started a nonprofit broadcasting organization and would like to implement what I learn in this course to grow that company. This includes learning about the tech resources available though the University and editing methods.

Additionally I’m working on the OSLP professional project and would like to synergize the marketing work with that project.

PLE reflection

Well, I feel like I’m more organized. I’ve made significant effort to reduce the noise in my output and perhaps it shows in my portfolio. My blog is easy to navigate which lends itself to a minimalist style, although the visual impact is busy. I appreciated the overview of terms used in graphic design as well as the review of the technology available for marketing. I also have a better understanding of the project management tools available and how they are used. I’m happy with the product of the course and feel that it was worth the time and effort required. The direct applicability of the course work to my professional field was also valuable. Thank you! See you in the Winter Term.

Final Lexicon

1. Kerning – The space between lines.

2. Emphasis – Where and how the point is made.

3. Descender – The part of the letter that goes below the baseline.

4. Visual Impact – The first impression a graphic or image makes on the viewer.

5. Constraint(s) – The limitations on the media such as size, materials used, colors used, etc.

Lexicon Week 9, We Made It!

1. Kerning: The space between letters (typography) in proportional fonts.

2. Emphasis: Where the visual weight is carried, the use of bold, italic, or other mechanisms to make a stronger point than with words alone.

3. Descender: The part of a letter that falls below the baseline.

4. Visual Impact: How the audience sees the image. Unless of course you are a woman, in which case it is a workout routine for the feminine physique.


5. Constraint(s): Limitations of the medium, the canvas, the cost, print color, time, etc.

Lexicon Week 8

1. Intellectual Property: The category of corporate greed that takes away the rights of artists for the profit. Conversely, the ineffectual area of law that ‘protects’ artists from copyright infringement. See below.


2. Minimalist: <=>

3. Transmedia: Telling a story across multiple platforms so that the audience is engaged in multiple areas of their life.

4. Affiliation: The way in which two or more objects, people, or associations are related to one another.

5. Buckley: The worlds 5th cutest dog that I know of.