Shu Huang
Creative Architect Shu Huang has won awards in the international Shanghai Young Architects Design Exhibition. In 2010 he was also awarded by the Architectural Society of Shanghai for his design of the Shanghai EXPO 2010 SAIC-GM Pavilion. His interests include designing commercial, traffic, and cultural buildings. He also enjoys photography, science fiction, and sports.
Yuan Li
Architect Yuan Li has been recognized for his campus planning work for East China Normal University and East China University of Science and Technology. He specializes in urban design, and his work has included residential district planning, campus planning, and the planning of city core areas. His personal interests include games and art.
Yue Li
Division 1 Vice Director Yue Li has worked on multiple notable projects including Changxing grand hotel, Xiangyang grand opera house, concept design for northern Qingdao city, and the Zhuhai Checkpoint of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge. His interests include skyscrapers, hotel design, and urban design. He enjoys music, movies, and art.
Yujia Li
Chief Creation Architect Yujia Li has worked on many notable projects including International Farm Produce Logistic Park in Shenzhen, Chenjia Town Pilot Eco Community on Chongming Island in Shanghai, and the Integrated Sevices Center for the Disabled in Nantong. He was recognized in The 3rd Architecture Creation Award of ASSC 2009.12. He also enjoys outdoor recreation, running, and movies.
Ronggang Qiu
Architect Ronggang Qiu has worked on multiple notable projects including Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Court and Procuratorate, Hongqiao Block No. 8, and the Hubei radio and television development. His personal interests include movies and art.
Yiping Shi
Architect Yiping Shi has earned awards in the Jin Chuang creativity competition for young architects, the UA international concept design competition, and competitions within his firm. His projects include the Yunnan International Hospital in Ruili. Currently he is working on developing a zero-carbon building assembly prototype.
Hong Wang
Deputy Director Architect Hong Wang has worked on many international projects including a professional training center in South Africa, a national meeting center in Tanzania, and the Global Credit Card Center of China Merchants Bank. Hong has twice received outstanding employee award. She is interested in green building design for cold regions, and also enjoys photography, adventure, reading, and cooking.
Jing Wang
Assistant Architect Jing Wang has worked on many notable projects including the Shanghai Swimming Centre, Hunan Jinma Equestrian Centre, Yanlong Junior High School, and Yancheng Mansion. He is interested in sports facilities design. His personal interests include playing basketball and swimming.
Kai Yang
Senior Architect Vice Director Kai Yang has received many awards for his work in engineering design and construction and as a leading architect at Xiandai. Some of his many noteworthy projects include the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Shenyang Culture and Arts Center, and Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. His interests spread across architecture, landscape, and art. He enjoys photography and creating hand drawings.
Juxin Zhang
Vice Director Juxin Zhang has been awarded the Shanghai Annual Architecture Award for his work on the North Hall Renovation of Shanghai Railway Station. Some of his many other noteworthy projects include Lippo Karawaci Media Park in Jakarta, Indonesia and the SK Headquarter Tower in Shanghai. He is interested in urban design and architectural detailing. He also enjoys history, hiking, and swimming.

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