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“It shocks me to think that I had never considered visiting China until I heard about the opportunity to intern at Xian Dai Architectural Design in Shanghai.  I felt very welcomed by my coworkers in the two months I spent working in the firm.  My involvement with the firm and my coworkers in the architectural design department allowed me to gain a strong understanding of the design and construction process in the developing and developed cities of China.  Though there were often times of confusion and uncertainty, a fantastic learning experience in and of itself, we worked hard and played hard, learning about the city and Chinese culture.  I am extremely grateful to my department, to all the life-long friends I’ve made, and for an experience in China I will never forget.”
(To learn more about Scott’s travel and work experience, check out his blog Shanghai Wanderings.)

Click below to see Scott’s presentation on his experience in China:


“I grew a lot as a designer and a professional because of my experience at Xian Dai. I had a great mentor when I worked on a project and through working with him, I gained a wider perspective of the professional architecture environment in China. Although it was not always easy because of the language barrier, the difficulties made it a more lively, richer experience, with plenty of unexpected adventures! I am extremely grateful to my office and several other people who showed us Shanghai and Chinese life. Lastly, I loved traveling around China and meeting locals!” —Summer in Shanghai 2014 blog.

Zhu Wangwei DingShun 2014 interns

2014 interns Nataly Rojas, Monica Moechtar, Allen Chung and Zeta Fernando with XD hosts Zhu Wangwei and Ding Shun (2011 visiting architects)


“My experience with Xian Dai inspired me to dream big. Everything about China, from the food to the buildings to the culture, is larger than life itself. The practice of architecture in China is motivated by a philosophy of breaking the molds of what have already been achieved. This opportunity to work in Shanghai has been invaluable in my education as an architecture student so far.”



(To learn more about Meagan’s travel and work experience, check out her blog Shanghai Travels.)

 Click below to see Meagan’s presentation on her experience in China below:



The first group UO Architecture students visited Shanghai and formed connections with Xian Dai in Summer 2010.  Read more about their experience in A&AA News.



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