November 2013
Shanghai Xian Dai Visit to Astoria

During their exchange, the 2013 class of Xian Dai architects took a trip to Astoria where they toured the Garden of Surging Waves with designer, architect, and UO adjunct instructor Suenn Ho.  The garden commemorates and celebrates Chinese heritage in Astoria and the Lower Columbia River Basin.  Their visit was published in the Portland Chinese Times and the Daily Astorian.


December 2-9, 2012
Shanghai Xian Dai 2012 Visit to Portland

In the last week of their exchange at UO, the visiting architects not only got a chance to tour the UO-Portland campus, but also meet with several distinguished architecture firms and enjoy a number of sights around the city.  During this visit, they also gave a presentation on their professional work for the UO-Portland students and faculty.  To learn more about their trip, take a look at the activities schedule.


Fall 2012
Arch 508: Sustainable Design Seminar

During the Fall 2012 academic quarter, the visiting architects enrolled in a sustainable design seminar that consisted of a series of lectures and activities that covered an array of topics on sustainability.  The talent and expertise of the A&AA faculty and several local architecture firms made this a well-rounded program.  To learn more about the activities of this seminar, take a look at the course outline.


October 2-5, 2012
Sustainable Urban Development Conference: Experiences from China and Oregon

The “Sustainable Urban Development” Conference was a three-day conference involving three half-day presentation sessions and one mobile workshop visiting sustainable urban development sites in Portland.  This conference was intended to offer an avenue for exchange of ideas and experience among people who are interested in sustainable urban planning and development in China and the US.  Visit the Sustainable Cities Initiative website to learn more about this conference and other exchanges between China and Oregon.  The conference schedule is also available for viewing.


May 17-19, 2011
Shanghai Xian Dai 2011 Visit to the University of Oregon

After sponsoring four University of Oregon architecture interns in Summer 2010, Xian Dai executives visited the school the following year in May 2011.  After this visit, Xian Dai and the school decided to make the internship program an annual event and to sponsor Xian Dai employees at UO for advanced studies.  To learn more about the visit, take a look at the itinerary.

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