Ji Chen Chen Ji is an architect working in Branch 3 of ECADI, which concentrates on airport terminals and other transportation buildings. His branch has worked on many notable projects including the Pu Dong Airport Terminals 1 & 2, and the Hong Qiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub, which is the first of its kind in China. During his time at the University of Oregon, he hopes to explore new digital tools, discover new building regeneration techniques, and user-centered design.
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 Jeff “Jeff” Yafeng Jia mainly works in healthcare designs at Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design & Research (SIADR) and has participated in many award-winning hospital designs. These projects include the Wuxi People’s Hospital and the Hospital of Xinfu Community. Ya Feng Jia also has an interest for theoretical research and has published many articles such as The Interaction with the Owners of the Hospitals in Healthcare Facilities Design in “City Architecture,” Analysis of the Duomo Hospital in Japan in “Healthcare Facilities of China, and Study of the Design of Green Hospitals. Yafeng JIA-Internship Report  Jeff Yafeng Jia’s Illustrated resume
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 Jun Li Jun Li‘s work at ECADI is focused in commercial complexes, hotels, and office buildings. Currently working on two commercial projects, he is also conducting a research on commercial buildings. Entitled New Perspective of Business Mode in Digital Age, Jun Li analyzes the future trends of commercial buildings through a sample of domestic developers, design companies, and electric commercial enterprises. At the University of Oregon, he hopes to understanding how conceptual design is implemented and learn more about sustainable design theories. James Jun Li’s resume
Jian Zhou Jian Zhou is a Senior Architect in the Creation Department of ECADI, which is in charge of the all national and international competitions within the company. His team has just completed an entry for the Guggenheim competition in Helsinki. Most of his design work is focused in cultural architecture, commercial complexes, and office buildings. At the University of Oregon, Jian Zhou would like to explore ideas of sustainability, new media types, and culture and museum studies. Furthermore, he is very interested in exchanging ideas about architectural regeneration, cultural preservation, and urban expansion. Zhou Jian’s Ilustrated Resumezhoujian_icon
Fan Wenli Wen Li Fan is the Director of the Urban Research Center at SIADR. She holds a Ph.D in Urban Planning from Shanghai’s Tong Ji University and has numerous written works published. Prior to joining SIADR, Wen Li Fan worked as a lecturer of architecture and urban design at Zheng Zhou University. Her research concentrates on the intervention and development of Shanghai, and urban design strategies to mitigate the challenges of China’s rapid urbanization. Wen Li Fan hopes to gain many new insights and ideas that will be applicable to her work in China. Wenli Fan’s resume + portfoliowenli fan icon
Sheng Shi “Shaun” Sheng Shi is a Senior Designer in the Commercial Real Estate Division of UD. He has designed many notable projects such as “The Place” of Nan Fung Group, which won first place in a national competition. Others include the headquarter of Bank of Communications, Marriott Courtyard at Zheng Zhou Airport, and the Urban Planning Hall of Nan An. Shaun was interested in coming to Oregon to learn more about the architectural education in the US and compare it to those in Europe and Asia. He wants to understand the factors that affect architectural designs in the US and hopes to improve his English skills after spending time here. Shaun Shi PortfolioSheng_Shi_icon
Jing Bo Jing Bo Wu was the main designer for the Yichang Museum in Hubei, China during his time at ECADI. He has also participated in the design of the Panjin Sports Center and wrote The Study on Various Trends of Bridge Design in Contemporary. His objectives for studying at the University of Oregon are to understand the effects of cultural differences on residential architecture, to learn about the selection of materials and construction methods in the US, and to visit the works of renowned architects. Resume+Portfolio Alex WuJingbo_Wu_icon
hui nan Hui Nan Yang‘s recent projects include the Shanghai ICBC Intra-City Data Center, the Wulanchabu Huawei Cloud Computing Data Center, and the Shanghai SGCC Information System Disaster Recover Center. During this exchange, she wants to gain a better understanding of green building design, American community design, and the redevelopment of old neighborhoods. She also hopes to better understand the business models of American architecture firms, experience the multiculturalism in the US, and research significant architectural sites. Huinan Yang resume + portfolioHuinan Yang icon
Max “Max” Xing Hua is a Senior Chief Designer at ECADI. At the company, he has participated in over 100 architectural and conceptual design projects. Additionally, he has collaborated with many internationally renowned architecture firms such as Gensler, SOM, Ma-Yan-Song, Jiang-Huan-Cheng, and many others. Some of his recent projects include the Joint Headquarters of Nanjing Small and Medium Sized Banks, the Headquarter of Shanghai Star-Moon Group, and Shanghai EXPO Block #J Office Buildings. Xing Hua is very interested in exploring architectural styles and design perspectives from all over the world and wants to use this opportunity to explore more about topics such as sustainable design. MAX(hua,xing)R+PMax_Hua_Xing icon
Bob Hu “Bob” Bo Hu is the main architectural designer in the Creative Planning Studio of UD. He won the 2012 Jingchuang Prize for Young Architects in Shanghai and represented his school in the 12th annual Biennale in Venice. The objectives of his time at the University is to explore new methods and theories of design, work on a project based on parametric design, and to travel in order to gain new perspective as a designer.  Bob Hu’s Firm Exchange Report.
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Qiyuan Yao Qi Yuan Yao is a Senior Engineer and Principal Architect at UD Architectural Design Institute (UD). The Shanghai International Medical City, the Zhong Shan Hospital, and the Ren Ji Hospital are just a few of his award-winning designs. In addition, he has written academic papers on hospital designs. Qi Yuan Yao hopes that his new experience at the University of Oregon combined with his background will lead to inspirations and breakthroughs. His goals for his trip to the US are to understand characteristics of the American architectural education system, tour designs by architectural masters, gain an international vision, and improve his English skills. Qiyuan Yao’s illustrated resumeyao_icon