Lexicon Week Two

Process– a way to do something step by step. I have a process when I am packing my backpack or when I am thinking through an essay question. An artist also has a process, “artistic process” is likely the most relevant way to use the word. It is a way a person does their work one step at a time. When someone changes their process, many things can happen, breaking a rigid process and create a whole new way of doing something.

Environment– I automatically think of nature and the world around us. I think of environmental policies, ecology, and all associated sciences. But it does not have to be nature. A classroom is an environment, and one specifically for learning. A studio can be an environment for art. It can also be something that influences those associated with it. If I was creating some kind of art outside, I might be moved by the weather or the trees, if I was inside the library i may be inspired by the quiet clacking of many keyboards.

Technology–Computers, cell phones, tablets, things I only have a basic understanding of. Technology is what is changing our world day by day. As more advanced technology comes out it changes our ways of communication, learning, advertising, etc. Transmedia immediately comes to mind. With more and more platforms share information on, each can become a new way of showing art, advertising an art show, or sending pictures of an event.

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