Lexicon Week 4

Convergence– “to tend to meet in a point or a line; incline towards one another, as lines that are not parallel.” I automatically think about when people’s ideas converge or when people work together to get to the same end. Convergence when talking about art may mean that two artists who come from different places and backgrounds end up being inspired by similar things and create similar art, even though there are vast differences in their lives and perspectives.

Connections– “association, relationship.” Connections, or links, are important for all parts of life. When thinking about advertising and marketing, a company may want to make connections visible (or implied) with another well respected or known company by using a similar logo, or showing that their models of business are related. Connections also make me think of networking. Making a connection with someone in the field of work that one wants to be in is a great way to get into the particular job market.

Identity– “the condition of being oneself or itself, and not the other.” The definition of identity can be endlessly discussed. To me, identity is who you are and being yourself. Identity can be expressed by modes of dress, ways of speaking, by what art you like, or what kind of art you do. You are expressing yourself by showing your personal aesthetics.

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