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This new vacation house will be located on the east coast of Baja California at a settlement known as Los Frailes. Major design considerations include: a very warm and relatively humid climate with a hurricane season, orientation to the coastline to the east, a lack of dependable power to the area and thus the need for PV system, and a need for a high level of security both while the house is in use and especially when the owners are away.

The house will be made of typical Mexican building materials – primarily CMU and concrete. – and this measure itself will mitigate most of the climatic effects. There will also be several shaded sitting terraces opening off the major interior spaces. Massive awning shutters will provide shade while open and secure the building and protect it from hurricane weather when closed.

The site slopes considerably to the northeast, and this fact will be exploited to maximize views to the Sea of Cortez. All public rooms, all bedrooms, and the office have this view. In addition, all porches and terraces will have a view of the sea. In fact, the site itself will be terraced, with several garden levels, a main level for eating/relaxing, and a swimming pool and spa on the lowest level.