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Ungerleider Remodel - East Elevation Ungerleider Remodel - Main Floor Ungerleider Remodel - Original Main Floor


This remodel and addition to a 30 year-old architect-designed house on the McKenzie River honored the language of the original building while totally transforming the plan. The lower level was reorganized to make it more cohesive and open it to river views. The kitchen on the main level was expanded into an adjacent room to improve function and circulation. The principal change, however, was the addition of a large gathering room overlooking the river and adjacent to a grand outdoor room on the entry side.

The original plan had been organized perpendicular to the river, like the beginning of a bridge. This orientation, which is north-south, made it difficult to open rooms to south light or to views of the river. In the remodeled original building, rooms were opened obliquely to gain views and light. The gathering room addition is oriented parallel to the river to take full advantage of views and light. A bridge connecting this room to the original house was made sufficiently wide to serve as a gallery and a place to spend time enjoying views of the river landscape.

The new gathering room is designed to accommodate large events but also provide an intimate family setting. On the river side, a large sitting/sleeping alcove and a wet bar frame an opening to a cantilevered deck. On the garden side, a long porch provides sitting for quiet repose.  A fireplace at the upstream east end of the room affords focus and warmth.

The project was developed in association with Ron Lovinger, Landscape Architect, and Stangeland & Associates, Inc., Landscape Architecture and Design.