Organizational Questions Assignment

Defining the Copic markers/Imagination International Inc.


1)   Background/History

25 years ago Copic markers were developed in Japan by the company .TOO Corporation.  Although originally created for fine art and design the Japanese comic industry started using Copic markers for Manga and Anime.


About 15 years ago Imagination International, Inc began importing Copic markers to North America.


2)   What do they Make?

Copic marker claims to be the highest quality marker available anywhere!  There are four styles of markers that are refillable and feature replaceable marker nibs.  You will never have to throw away the product.  There are over 300 different colors and they guarantee that their colors will always match.


3)   Culture of the Organization

The company is made up of hardworking people who support one another and love what they do.  Despite being workaholics, they know how to have fun.  The employees are helpful towards one another and they have  a strong team dynamic.


4)   Target Audience and Demographics

Copic markers are used for fashion design, architecture, product design, comic illustration, storyboarding, and automotive design.  More recently paper crafters have used the markers for stamping.  Also they have been experimenting with using the pens for art therapy.


Originally the markers were created for fine artists and designers but the target audience has become much more diverse.

“Demographics vary from starving artists in their 20’s to teens who have parents buy them stuff, to middle-aged crafting ladies who are stay at home moms with college degrees.”  (Marianne Walker)


5)   Mission Statement

“Imagination International, Inc was founded in 1998 with Japanese and American investors to work on international projects that encourage creativity, education and World peace.


Today, we import, market and distribute high quality art materials to customers in North America.  We also provide information and education about our products.  To succeed in these goals we invest in a strong employee base, active sales representatives, and a network of people that have pride and believe in our high quality materials and professional business practices.”

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