CompTech Project Proposal

project proposal_nori




////// FOR NORIKO RICE //////




Working in iMovie I will create two videos. The first video will use footage previously collected on my grandmother Noriko Foreman. It will tell her story and have clips of her answering interview questions paired with photographs of her life. I will also explore ways to portray a family tree through video. I want to record myself drawing out a family tree and speed it up that footage.   Then add narrative on top of that


The second video will be a recap and evaluation of the World of Work (WOW) Program at JSMA.   I will collect photos and perhaps record testimonials from the WOW students. The result will be a video to show what the WOW students learned during their internship and document their time at JSMA.



  • Learn techniques in iMovie
  • Learn what makes an informational and effective video
  • Make an interesting and informative video (2 of them, hopefully!)



  • Research techniques and instructional videos on iMovie
  • Look at examples of what I think are interesting and informative videos and model those techniques. Evaluate what makes them interesting and informative.
  • Get input and advice from Eric Schiff.



  • Did I successfully create a video and publish to the internet?
  • Set goals for what I want to portray in the video. Then ask in the end, were those goals met?
  • Get feedback from classmates and other viewers. Get a class critique and make improvements.




Week 2 –

Set goals for what I want to portray in both videos


Week 3 –

Email WOW mentors and facilitators to share project ideas/goals.

Ask them to start collecting and sending photos to me for video.

Collect footage from family

Make sure I have footage previously recorded on external hard drive.

Call out for pictures for Noriko Foreman video.

Start editing.

Draw a family tree.


Week 4 –

Record and edit footage of family tree drawing.

Explore in iMovie techniques.


Week 5-

Start collecting and compiling footage for WOW video

Start editing.

Evaluate where I am at in the term.

Midterm report.

Establish timeline for the rest of the term.


Week 6 TBD

Week 7 TBD

Week 8 TBD

Week 9 TBD

Week 10 TBD



Mandala adult coloring book made in illustrator.