Copic Media Inventory





Copic is a marker company whose U.S. headquarter is in Eugene.  They have many artistic products which are imported from Japan.  The following will take a look at what media channels Copic draws on.

Copic has a large following so connecting with fans and product users is important to the company.  They use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with their audience.

One of the latest posts on Facebook was promoting a “holiday gift guide.” <> Facebook is a platform for promoting products but followers can also post to the page with pictures or videos of their latest illustrations using Copic markers

You can also go to the official Copic marker website to find a wide range of information.  There are links to blogs, products, stores, classes, tutorials and galleries.  Tutorials show how Copic markers can be used to create different effects and are a great place for beginners to learn how to use the product.  The blog has links to some of the same tutorials but also includes news and other information about Copic.

The content on twitter is similar to the content on the blog.  Instagram is a great way for product users to show off their artwork.  They can tag #copicart and their work will be displayed on Copic’s Instagram.

Overall Copic has thoroughly used social media to promote their company.  In addition to this they have representatives all over the country who promote Copic products.  Their promotional efforts include business to business connections.  Since Copic has many distributors they try to keep their connections strong.




Tutorials on Copic Website: