New GEO Programs: 2016-17

A Tuscan Experience: Studio Art in Siena
Italy will serve as the context in which students will explore and develop their artistic skills through experimentation with a variety of painting techniques in the studio art course and the creation of personal journals. On the program, students will have the opportunity to exhibit their work internationally, and may also take classes in Italian, Art History, or Wine in Italy and the Western World.

Music, Arts, and Culture in London
London’s vibrant cultural life and history provide the setting for an immersive three-week course exploring music performed throughout this world capitol. From the serenity of Evensong to the raucousness of a West End musical, students will engage with a wide variety of musical genres throughout the course. Students will learn to listen critically and analytically to music originating from a wide variety of historical eras and born from diverse circumstances.

Greek Food and Culture in Athens
In this program participants will learn from trusted and accomplished scholars as well as local intellectuals, food producers and purveyors: professors, writers, small and large-scale farmers and vintners, family cooks and professional chefs, and creative entrepreneurs who are building internationally recognized sustainable food businesses that preserve and celebrate Greece’s food culture.

Sustainable Bicycle Transportation Planning Field School in Europe
Study bicycle planning, design, policy, and culture as a sustainable and economically viable form of transportation in key urban locations in Western Europe. This program will focus on the practices and policies that foster safe, convenient, and accessible bicycle infrastructure and the underlying culture that supports a high rate of bicycle use. Explore how and why Denmark and the Netherlands became great places to bike and consider how to make similar changes within the United States.