aad610 student survey of max’s

1. Where did you move from to attend the UO? And, briefly describe how you landed on the UO AAD program. Any interesting, funny, anecdotal stories/details are welcome.

I come from the south part of China which is a city very close to HongKong and gained my BFA form Beijing Film Academy, which is a university focused on film making and production. I found AAD program from the UO website and considered this program as something I would like to broaden my focus and  my career life.

2. Area of concentration in AAD?

Media management.

3. Describe your knowledge and use of technology systems. Responses should include the following:

My laptop is Mac pro and  I have just got my Iphone 6 like a week earlier. I use IPAD and since books do cost a lot for me, I read from kindle.

I know some basic operates of  sony digital video, something like EX1 and the Canon 5D Mark2 .As for the other gadgets, definitely know how to use a pinter but nothing more.

4. What software do you commonly use? Briefly describe purpose/application for software on your list.

The Microsoft office , WORD POWERPOINT EXCEL etc, mostly to handle the assignments. And I do write some scripts and plays by PAGES.

5. Do you have any graphic design or media production/management experience? Have you taken any graphic design or media production courses?

Nothing on graphic, but I do have made some short films and  know a little about film editing. Thus I gain some basic things of the “FINAL CUTS” and have done a  film trailer in my sophomore, but it was something like an assignment, so the work was just all right.

6. Know anything about typography?


7. Do you use Web 2.0 apps? Name those that you use or are familiar with.

If the word “Web 2.0 apps” is what I understand, I am familiar with google search, Wikipedia and those apps everybody use to live a life.

8. Do you use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Yelp, etc.)? Name those that you engage in.

Facebook, Lofter, Weibo and Wechat.

9. Tell me something unique about yourself.

Since the major of my BfA is close to film production, I have the skills to help organizing  staffs of a film crew so they could do some great jobs.  Some basic film creation skills are also developed meanwhile.

And I also have feelings of what elements  commercial films should included and ways to promote them. I assume this can have something connection with promote and run an art organization.

10. Anything else?

nothing else:)


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