Last weekend, the Oregon crew traveled down to Sacramento, California for the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association championship regatta. It was a very successful weekend for the whole team! All boats qualified for finals, with the women’s varsity 4+, the women’s novice 4+, the men’s heavyweight varsity 4+, the men’s novice 4+, and the men’s pair competing in petite finals, and the women’s novice 8+ and the men’s varsity lightweight 4+ competing in the grand finals. Most notable were the two boats in grand finals, the women’s novice 8+, which took 5th place, and the men’s varsity lightweight 4+, which also took 5th place; however, in petite finals, the men’s pair took 3rd, the varsity heavyweight men’s 4+ took 4th, the women’s varsity 4+ took 2nd, 3rd, and the novice 4+ took 7th. This was the first WIRAs in several years at which we had boats qualify for grand finals. All in all, it was a great end to the season for most of the team.

However, for some of us, the season is not yet over! The mens’ varsity light weight 4+ and heavy weight 4+, the women’s varsity 4+, and the women’s novice 8+ will be travelling to Gainesville, Georgia at the end of this month to compete in the American Collegiate Rowing Association championships. This is a very exciting opportunity, and the boats going are expected to perform very highly.

Our team has also recently elected new leadership positions! Congratulations to Ruoxi He for being elected to be the new rowing club present, and congratulations to Katie Budekke and Spencer Kales for being elected to be our new women’s and men’s team captains; however, these are just a few of the important roles that were filled that make the team run smoothly). We are expecting great things for next year, from them and from the rest of the team.

Covered Bridge Regatta

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Last weekend, the Oregon crew competed in the NCRC Invitational in Vancouver, Washington. Most notably, the varsity men’s eight took second place out of four entries in their event, and the women’s varsity four took third out of five entries. However, all crews performed well, with the novice women’s eights taking second and third place, the novice men’s fours taking third and fourth place, the varsity women’s eight taking third place, and the varsity men’s fours taking fourth and second places respectively in two separate heats. It was a good weekend for almost everyone, especially considering that it was only the second competition of the season.

This weekend, the team will be competing in the Covered Bridge Regatta, hosted by the OAR masters rowing club, at Dexter Lake in Lowell, Oregon, which is their home course. We will be competing against many of the same crews that we have in the past two weekends in this event, and it will be highly competitive. The Oregon crew will be racing a varsity men’s eight, a varsity women’s eight, two varsity men’s fours and a varsity women’s four, a novice men’s four and a novice women’s four, a JV women’s four, two novice women’s eights, and a novice men’s eight. Everyone is expected to do well.

Spring Training

The Oregon Crew spent their Spring Break living in Lowell, Oregon, for spring training. During training, the team had two rigorous water practices per day, which were spent perfecting what we had been working on in practice during winter term and preparing for competition season. On Saturday at the end of the week, we traveled up to Tacoma, Washington, and endured very cold temperatures and rough weather to compete in our first race, the Daffodil Cup Regatta at Lake America, in which we raced a varsity men’s eight, a varsity women’s eight, a novice men’s eight, and a novice women’s eight.

This Saturday, the team will travel to Vancouver Lake, Washing, to compete in the Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference Invite. Our race lineup will include a varsity men’s eight, a varsity women’s four, two novice women’s eights, and two novice men’s fours.

Tough Love Indoor Rowing Championships

Two weeks ago, on Valentine’s Day weekend, the UO crew traveled to Portland to compete in the annual Tough Love Indoor Rowing Championships. The event was held at the Chiles Center at the University of Portland. In this competition, all entrants were required to row a 2k on ergs as fast as possible, and competed for prizes. Apart from our crew, rowers from Portland State, University of Portland, and other local college teams, as well as from local club teams, came and competed.

Our team did phenomenally well, with many of us placing highly overall. In the coxswain category, Kristine Kivuls placed first. In the women’s open weight category, Lily Oswald placed second, and in the women’s lightweight category Annie Gilbert and Bridget Riggs placed second and third, respectively. In the men’s lightweight category Spencer Kales, Clayton McKean, and Carson Schmidley placed first, second, and third, respectively, and in the men’s open weight category, Lucas Rondenet and Delaney Butler placed first and third, respectively, with Lucas pulling the fastest time of the entire day. For many of our novices, this was only the second 2k they had ever done, and they did very well considering this. Congratulations to our whole crew on a job well done!

Follow the link to see the full results:

And some pics…Thanks to John Rudoff for taking them!

April Results

Sorry of the delay on getting these up, here’s a recap of the last 4 weeks of UO Rowing racing:

NCRC Invitational, Vancouver Lake, Saturday April 6th
Battling strong winds all day, the UO crews posted strong results at Vancouver Lake.
The Men’s Varsity 8+ won handily, beating out Humboldt State, Puget Sound, Lewis and Clark, and Pacific Lutheran. Facing strong headwinds (>10mph) and heavy chop in the first thousand meters, the boat posted a time of 7:16.

Facing similar conditions the Women’s Varsity 8+ battled to 6th place, against some very strong Division III competition.

The Men’s 2nd Varsity 4+ was the last UO boat to race on a full 2000 meters, and they won easily, 13 seconds ahead of the competition. The 2V4 beat out Puget Sound, Humboldt, Lewis & Clark, Seattle Pacific, and Willamette U.

After the Men’s 2V4 the races were shortened to 1000 meters dues to the heavy chop on the first half of the course.

The Men’s Varsity 4+ placed 4th of 7, with a time of 4:11.7.
The Men’s Novice 8+ lost a close race to Puget Sound, by only 3 seconds to take second place.
The Men’s novice 8 was split into 4’s to race in the N4 and 2N4 events, placing 4th and 2nd respectively.

The Oregon Women continued to compete against strong DIII competition, placing 5th in the V4, 4th in the Novice 8, and 6th in the Novice 4.

Covered Bridge Regatta, Lake Dexter, Saturday April 13th
The following weekend the UO team raced on our home course at Dexter lake, facing increasingly strong winds as the afternoon wore on.

The Women’s 8+ raced in the JV event, and placed 7th against very tough competition, which included DI University of Portland and DII National Champion contenders Western Washington and Humboldt State. The Women’s Varsity 4 performed well in their heat, taking 2nd place overall.

The Men’s Varsity 8+ lost a close race to Western Washington to place 2nd, 4 seconds behind the 1st place boat. Varsity 4 B boat won their heat, obliterating the field by nearly 50 seconds. The A boat faced tougher competition, and had to settle for 5th.

The Novice Women’s 8 and 4 both earned third place finishes on the afternoon.

The Men’s Novice 4’s placed 3rd and 5th in their heats, while the N8 placed 4th overall.

WIRA Championships, Lake Natoma, April 27th-28th
The UO teams finished out the meat of their competitive year with a strong showing at the WIRA championships in Sacramento CA.

Leading the UO teams was the Women’s Varsity 4+, who placed fourth in their qualifying heat .3 seconds behind Long Beach State. A third place finish would have put the women into the grand finals, but they had to settle for a dominating performance in the petite final (8:19.8), beating out second place Willamette by 8 seconds.

The Men’s Varsity 8+ faced tough competition in their heat, finishing 4 seconds out of the 3rd place finish necessary to reach the grand finals. In the petite final they finished 2nd, giving 1st-place USC everything they had, losing by .4 seconds. The Mens V8 posted their best time of the year at WIRAs (on calm water) with a 6:24 2k.

The Men’s novice 8 placed 7th in their heat, and faced familiar foe Puget Sound in the 3rd final. The Novice men held a lead for most of the race, but were edged out in the last 500 meters.

The Women’s Novice 8 placed 6th in their qualifying heat, and struggled to a 5th place finish in the petite final after encountering equipment issues partway into the race.

The UO also featured Men’s and Women’s varsity pairs. The men, who had been practicing together for less than a week, finished 4th in the 3rd Final, while the Women nearly made it to the medal stand, placing 4th overall.

Cascade Sprints Results

The UO Rowing team returned to the water last weekend with a strong showing at the Cascade Sprints Regatta. Conditions were beautiful, featuring sunny skies and a cross tailwind of 5-10mph on American Lake in Lakewood, WA. Recap (results courtesy of row2k.com):

The Men’s Varsity 8+ advanced to the Grand Finals of the regatta, where they placed 3rd overall, barely losing second to the Washington State B boat by 1.3 seconds, with a time of 6:18.3. This bests the V8’s best time of last spring by 21 seconds.

The Men’s Novice 8+ finished 4th of 6, with a time of 6:48.8. The UO novices learned a great deal from thier first 2k, losing a second place spot to Western Washington and Portland State in the last 10 strokes. They’ll build on their experience and look to rebound against these crews with rematches at NCRCs and Covered Bridge.

The Women’s V8 placed 3rd of 4 in the petite final, with a time of 7:30.8. They faced strong competition as the only club women’s team at the regatta, which featured a defending Division II National Champions Humboldt State and contender Western Washington.

The Women’s Novice 8+ tied for 1st in the 2nd Varsity 8 petite final (the novice and 2V8 heats were merged for finals), in a tight race against the Humboldt State B boat. The women had a time of 7:35.1, with similar stiff competition as the varsity women.

All times can be accessed at the Row2k Results page (http://www.row2k.com/results/index.cfm).

The UO rowers will be back in action this week at the NCRC Invitational at Vancouver Lake.

Spring Racing Season

The Oregon Rowing team is training for its final regatta of the spring racing season–the ACRA National Championship in Gainesville, Georgia (5/26 – 5/27). This will mark the team’s second appearance in as many years at this highly competitive regatta. Oregon is eager to represent the university, which it has done successfully throughout the spring.

On its home course at the Covered Bridge Regatta (4/14), Oregon placed third in both the men’s varsity and novice eights. Oregon also entered two varsity fours on the men’s side, finishing second and third. For the women, the JV and novice eights both finished fourth.

Complete results of the Covered Bridge Regatta

At the WIRA Championship in Sacramento (4/28 – 4/29), Oregon peaked at the right time. After a slow start to the season, the men’s varsity eight raced in the Grand Finals, finishing in 6:39, its fastest mark of the year. The novice eight also earned a season PR with 6:43.4.

On the women’s side, the pair made an impressive showing. WIRA was the duo’s first appearance, but they performed as if they had been rowing together all season. After qualifying for the Grand Finals, they finished with a time of 8:53.7. The novice eight also performed well. Qualifying for the Petite Final, the women shaved over 13 seconds off their mark from their earlier preliminary race.

Complete WIRA Championship Results

Oregon rowers did not have much time to reflect on the WIRA Championship, as training began for ACRA just two days later. With only one week to go before the national club championship, Oregon has intensified its training regimen. The team will be entering four boats. A novice four will be representing the women. A novice eight, varsity four and lightweight four will round out the men’s team. Although crews from across the nation will be competing in this regatta, Oregon rowers are confident they will reach their potential against worthy opponents. In 2011 they did just that, coming away with a silver and bronze medal in the men’s varsity single and women’s varsity four, respectively.