Spring Training

The Oregon Crew spent their Spring Break living in Lowell, Oregon, for spring training. During training, the team had two rigorous water practices per day, which were spent perfecting what we had been working on in practice during winter term and preparing for competition season. On Saturday at the end of the week, we traveled up to Tacoma, Washington, and endured very cold temperatures and rough weather to compete in our first race, the Daffodil Cup Regatta at Lake America, in which we raced a varsity men’s eight, a varsity women’s eight, a novice men’s eight, and a novice women’s eight.

This Saturday, the team will travel to Vancouver Lake, Washing, to compete in the Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference Invite. Our race lineup will include a varsity men’s eight, a varsity women’s four, two novice women’s eights, and two novice men’s fours.

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