Thank you for your interest in using the SMILE Lane concept in your community.  Here are a few things to guide your use of the name and materials:

  • You are generally free to use the concept and images below as you wish.
  • Please let us know of your intended use to gain official permission.
  • In essence, this is a community branding exercise, so feel free to make adaptations to the name or designs that work better for your community as long as you adhere to these principles:
    • This is an inclusive approach to accommodate and prioritize space efficient, low carbon, personal transport
    • The infrastructure must be high quality, such that people ages 8 to 80 would feel comfortable using, whether on a main city street or a pathway through a park
  • Please provide attribution to the concept creators in written materials that may accompany your policies or design guides. A sample reference may be:
    • “The SMILE Lane concept was developed by Michael Dooley and the initial branding designs were developed by Daisy Jones, both students at the University of Oregon.”

You can download and use the original images below.  If you have any questions, please direct them to Professors Anne Brown and Marc Schlossberg at the University of Oregon.