Cities are Complex. Transportation is Changing. Make a Difference.

Transportation shapes how cities function. Transportation policies of the last 90 years have created unsustainable sprawl, development patterns that reduces physical activity and increase car dependency, inequitable access to opportunities, and urban forms unprepared to meet urgent climate change challenges. Now, more than ever, is a critically important moment for cities. The introduction of autonomous vehicles and new forms of micromobility present both challenges and opportunities equal to the original introduction of the private automobile in terms of the future shape, function, sustainability, and equity of our cities. These are big issues, urban planners are key players in forging a new direction. This is our mission.


Sustainable transportation •  Bicycle & pedestrian planning • Transportation equity •  Transportation finance •  Travel behavior • Transit planning •  Parking policy •  Urban design •  Land use and growth management •  Urbanism next


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