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UO Transportation Studies emphasizes engaged education, practice-oriented research, and applied results to inform future transportation that is equitable, sustainable, and efficient. UO transportation students have a proven track record of engaging in local transportation issues through the student group, LiveMove, and through the Sustainable City Year Program, which pairs UO students with cities to help solve real-world problems. One of the three tracks in PPPM’s new PhD program focuses on applied transportation, so additional doctoral level courses in transportation will be coming soon.

Transportation Courses at the UO

One of the strengths of studying sustainable transportation at the University of Oregon is that there are a wide variety of faculty across campus who cover elements of the topic in conjunction with the core disciplinary focus.  Changing transportation systems and community design are not the purview of a single discipline, but require diverse perspectives and expertise from street design to publicity campaigning and everything in between.  Below are some of the typical courses that either focus entirely on transportation or integrate elements of sustainable transportation into their courses.  There are many other courses in many disciplines that touch on transportation issues as well.

Fall Winter Spring
LA 410/510: Urban Sustainability PPPM 399: Urban Transportation PPPM 438/538: Bicycle Transportation (every other year)
ARCH407/507: Sustainable Urbanism PPPM4/534: Urban GIS PPPM610: New Mobility & Cities (every other year)
MGMT 610: Industrial Ecology PPPM610: Transportation Equity (every other year) SOC410/510: Cycling & Society: The Politics and Culture of Bicycle Movement
 BA199: Intro to Sustainable Business  PPPM 410/510 Transportation Policy (every other year)  MGMT608: Clean Energy Finance
 FLR 199: Car Cultures  PPPM442: Sustainable Urban Development  CIS 650 Software Engineering
 MGMT608: Life Cycle Assessment PPPM340: Climate Change Policy
PPPM 629: Public Budget Admin PPPM 4/507: Growth Management
LA 4/594: Landscape Studio

Fund Your Transportation Education

Funding opportunities exist for both undergraduate and graduate students studying transportation at the UO.

For UO Students Only

  • UO Transportation Scholarship Program (amount varies, availability at various points throughout the year)
  • Conference support (various)



Prospective Students

UO Transportation is at the forefront of research and public engagement on pressing transportation issues that shape our cities and communities. We are based in the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM), which has been offering training in rigorous, professional programs for over 30 years. We are a national leader in community and regional planning and our transportation graduates work around the world for national, state and local governments, for nonprofit organizations, and in the private sector.

Apply to study transportation at the University of Oregon School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management.

LiveMove Student Organization

Live Move is a student-run organization that promotes healthy, sustainable communities by integrating transportation and livability through collaboration, education, research and outreach. Each year, LiveMove hosts a national speakers series, sends students to regional and national conferences, and works on a local project to translate passion to action. Learn more →

Explore the World by Bike

Interested in learning how that can be done through design, policy, and social change?  Interested in actually riding everyday in some of the world’s best biking cities, surrounded by thousands of other normal people doing the same thing, learning from local professionals, and debriefing with 17-19 other incredible students?   Then you should be part of our unique month-long, 8-credit, hands-on, immersive study abroad course.

The University of Oregon’s Sustainable Bicycle Transportation study abroad course gives students the opportunity to explore various elements involved in creating cities where bicycles are a significant form of urban transportation.  We look at design, planning, engineering, culture, policy, education, history, and other elements to help understand how to create vibrant, equitable, efficient, sustainable, and happy communities where bicycles are a primary mode of transportation for a large swath of the population.  We base our studies in multiple cities in Denmark and the Netherlands (and in some years, Sweden), and combine instructor lectures, guest lectures by local practitioners, hands-on fun assignments, field exercises and lots of debriefing in order to figure out how things work and what lessons can be brought home.

If you really want to learn and experience how to design cities for people on bike, then you should plan on being part of this class!