The Community

In gratitude to the communities in Oregon and Puerto Rico who support The UO Puerto Rico Project, specially all the Boricuas in Oregon who keep writing and sharing their stories . . .

The UO Puerto Rico Project Archival Team, Winter 2018

Dr. Alaí Reyes-Santos


Bareerah Zafar, to the right, interviewing Edwin Díaz, to the left, in Puerto Rico



Vickie Gimm





In Winter 2018, Dr. Alaí Reyes-Santos and two student interns, Vickie Gimm and Bareerah Zafar, compile documents, timelines, and videos collected by students and the professor during Fall 2017 in the Ethnic Studies course, “Race, Ethics, Justice;” and boost our existing online platforms on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.



The Ethnic Studies 399 Team, Fall 2017

The Documentation Team in Puerto Rico, from left to right, April Merrill, Alaí Reyes-Santos, Lupe Partida and Bareerah Zafar

Kaylyn Canlione; Claire J Clower; Jamani L Crockett; Dayja U Curry ; Venessa M D’Arpino; Abby A Dooley; Gilly J Garber-Yonts; Madison E Griffin; Vickie S Gimm; Nancy J Hernandez; Tristan M James;  Amy S Laws; Michelle Martinez Gonzalez;  Manuel Mejia Gonzalez; April R Merrill; Kayla M Miller; Davis K Miyashiro-Saipaia; Lupe M Partida; Miguel Perez; Kylie A Pun;  Aubrey R Y Quinn-Ward; Kali Rengstorff; Lucy M M Solares-Steger;  Charles Sudduth; Rashad E Swank-Jones; Bareerah Zafar.


Community Partners in Puerto Rico

Corillo 100 x 35, Brigada Solidaria del Oeste, ISER Caribe, and Centro de la Mujer Dominicana

U of Oregon Sponsors

Ethnic Studies, Associated Students of the University of Oregon, United Academics, College of Arts and Sciences, MECHA, Center for Latin@ and Latin American Studies, Latin American Studies

In gratitude to Dr. Ana-Maurine Lara  (Anthropology) for training our students in ethnographic methodologies; and to Dr. Cecilia Enjuto Rangel (Romance Languages) and Dr. Rocío Zambrana (Philosophy) for their collaborative efforts to raise awareness about the aftermath of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico at U of Oregon.

Special thanks to Donella Elizabeth-Alston and Amy Thomas in the Ethnic Studies Dept.

Community Partners in Oregon

PNW Puerto Rico Relief, Centro Latinoamericano, MECHA Oregon State University, Northwest Youth Corps, Meyer Memorial Trust’s Twinning Project, Oakshire Brewery, Temple Beth Israel

Individual Donors and Supporters

Marta Maldonado
Maram Epstein and Justine Lovinger
Anice Thigpin and Andrea Halliday
Susie Grimes
Maryanne Reiter
Deb Carver
Ana-Maurine Lara
D’Lo and Anjali
 Carrie Copeland
 Penelope Girard
 Nick P. Kohler
 Jane T. Cramer
 S. Ashley Bromley
 Kelley L. Leon Howarth
 Steven Strain
 Catalina de Onís
James Padilioni
 Sherri Colón
 If we have forgotten to name someone, please forgive us and let us know … You all make it possible.





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