“Puerto Rico could be out of power for months after Maria”, DailyMail, Sep 21, 2017, Australia

The UO Puerto Rico Project: Hurricane Maria and its Aftermath started as a collaborative endeavor with students in the Ethnic Studies course “Race, Ethics, Justice” taught in Fall 2017 at University of Oregon, and UO undergraduate research interns Bareerah Zafar and Vickie Gimm in Winter 2018. This project was inspired by Ethnic Studies students’ desire to use what they learn in the classroom about the ethical claims and quests for justice articulated by indigenous peoples, people of color, lgbtq and women-identified peoples, the poor and working poor, migrants, people with disabilities, and/or communities facing the lethal consequences of environmental degradation to create knowledge that can impact public debates around these issues. UO Ethnic Studies Professor Dr. Alai Reyes-Santos organized the course around various student teams in charge of producing educational resources and stories that could be used by the general public, teachers, and professor to educate themselves and others about Hurricane Maria and its aftermath in Puerto Rico. We humbly hope that these are conversation starters that will inspire others to create their own archives and document their own stories across generations. Each blog page and post offers insight about the process of co-creating the project and the materials we have been able to produce for public dissemination.

Visit us and share with others! Over the next twelve months, student interns and Dr. Alaí Reyes-Santos will keep posting interviews in our Storytelling page, annotated bibliographies, and more. Follow us and share with us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter! Become an active co-creator of our educational digital archive!


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