Reflection on Course Goals AAD 610 Fall 2013

Ten Weeks Later…

-To develop awareness about existing brands and logos within the Performing Arts field

Although my awareness of logos did grow, it kind of made sense why I couldn’t picture a few of them after I found them. Most of the logos within the performing arts are not really memorable, which is a shame.

-To transfer my creativity into digital designing

I don’t think I have been able to transfer my creativity into digital design quite yet. I know there is a lot for me to learn, and I also know there is more for me to give. I kind of feel like when I started learning English: it wasn’t until my English was strong that my personality could truly come across. So maybe I have to master all these programs before my creativity is truly portrayed?

-To better understand the concept of marketing through social media

I don’t think my concept on marketing through social media is any larger or smaller. However, I do feel like I am more aware of how performing arts organizations use (or don’t use it) just because of the assignment we’ve had through the course.

-To learn to make use of my blog as means of mass communication

I definitely have not made use of my ePortfolio as much as I expected or should. This challenge/goal will stay the same until my blog is solid.

-To figure out how my personal view on Performing Arts may affect my community

I do have a better idea of what I’d like to do in the future and I consider myself more knowledgeable of event programming to affect communities from a performing arts perspective.

-To identify and master the skills necessary to fulfill the goals above and my ultimate career goals as well

Obviously, the progress for some was sturdy, for some others, it will continue to be a learning process.

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