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Reflection on Course’s goals: AAD 550

In this link you can find my initial goals for this term:

Raquel’s AAD 550 Goals

Now that we’re ending this semester, I look back and I do feel like I have learned quite a bit.

My knowledge about art in general (not only music) has definitely broaden thanks to the large expertise that my classmates have about other subjects.

The amount of resources I had to use to make my Field Guide (anything from interlibrary loan to color printing in the library) really has been conducive to a smoother process. And also has made me even more aware of what I still have to learn.

I feel that presenting in class and the continuous comment writing that happens throughout the source really has benefitted my communication skills. As well, all the in class activities we have had have been extremely helpful for successful communication during a team project.

At this point, I have a better concept of what the AAD requires of my work and what the e-portfolio entails, but there are still some rough edges to polish.

I have definitely gotten to know my classmates better, and I feel absolutely blessed to get to know about them and from them week by week 🙂

Field Guide Proposal

Because I have basically dedicated my life to music making for the last ten years, I easily neglect other of my passions and forget to spend time enriching my knowledge about them. That’s why when I had to come up with a field guide topic, literature seemed like a good idea. However, the thought process didn’t quite work like that. Since my brother got married a few years ago, my family and I have been looking forward to adding a new family member, and, lately, my mind has been wandering around the topic of what my legacy would be for this child. And I realized, I want to teach him to read, I want to buy him books and immerse in the magic worlds I have explored. But then I realized that of my favorite children’s books, only one is actually written by a Latin American writer. So I decided to change that, and research other books written by Latin American authors and that hopefully captivate the essence of our culture.

Thus, the purpose of my Field Guide is to create a basic introductory guide to Latin American children’s books. In order to keep my research narrow, I will focus to find 5 to 10 books that reflect the richness of the culture, its large diversity, and the way they deal with ethnicity issues.

I hope that the list of authors will represent a wide range of nationalities across the continent and that I’ll find common elements throughout the books I choose.

Since I’ve partially started my research already, I have noticed that a lot of children books are songbooks or poetry books; however, my goal is to pick prose that are either novels, short stories, or collections of short stories.

AAD 550 Goals

This is what I want to get done this term:

-To gain enough knowledge to broaden the concept I have on art and thus create my own opinion about the subject

-To become aware of the multiple resources that are out there and make use of them

-To improve my communication skills on the class subjects when I write and speak, at the same time that I acquire the right vocabulary to express my thoughts thoroughly

-To build a strong base of how this program works so I can easily focus in just learning in the future

-To get to know my classmates well since I will be sharing so much time with them in the future 🙂