Turning Point

By: Paige FauntLeRoy

Being a manager comes with great responsibility, which Tim Hill strives for as he leads the business at Track Town Pizza. He works around forty-five to fifty hours a week. If the demand is high or they are hosting many events, Hill will work more hours. Hill says his overall experience at Track Town Pizza is all he ever wanted, as he feels at home. Hill says that, “The restaurant has an open and friendly environment, which makes working here fun.”

Alongside Tim Hill is the other manager Tim Meyers. They met each other in fifth grade while they were on the same basketball team. Working at Papas Pizza Parlor and then Track Town Pizza together has been a breeze for these two as they get along well. Hill and Meyers are very involved and they dedicate many hours to improving and managing the business. Meyers says, “Our sales have doubled in the last seventeen years.” Track Town Pizza has been a successful local business in Eugene as they are located right next to campus and host many events. Students love coming to the pizzeria to watch sporting events because it has a great atmosphere to cheer on the Ducks.

During high school, Tim Hill began working part time for Papas Pizza Parlor in Eugene, Oregon. As he entered Lane and Western College he had gained the manager’s position, which he held for six years. The owner at the time, Jack Moore, had taught Hill all he had to know. When Jack Moore left Papas Pizza Parlor, he began to manage the old-school pizzeria near the University of Oregon campus, Track Town Pizza. Tim Hill followed and began working as manager under Jack Moore. As manager, Tim Hill, has led this successful local business for the past eleven years. After being committed and managing two local businesses in Eugene for most of his life, Hill realized this is the career he wanted to pursue. Hill especially loves working at Track Town Pizza as he said, “Being involved around the community and with other local businesses is what Track Town is all about.” With Track Town being located right next to campus, he feels overwhelmed with happiness as he enjoys interacting with students and supporting the Ducks.

Tim Meyers says managing with Hill is exciting as they both have an optimistic view for Track Town Pizza’s future. “We are actually planning on buying out the business from Jack Moore and expanding to another location,” says Meyers. No one else knows Tim Hill better than his lifelong friend and business partner Tim Meyers. Tim Hill is always looking for other ways to improve Track Town Pizza’s business, but for now the local business is doing just fine.