In the Moment

By: Paige FauntLeRoy

Located on Oak Alley, Falling Sky Brewery is a popular local restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. Despite being known for their beer selection, they also have a delicious menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Customers are drawn to this location, as the inside is bright and welcoming.

The manager of the Oak Alley restaurant location, Henry Huntington, serves Kierstyn Yardley her order. Henry was excited to serve Kierstyn, as he knew how starving she was. While being the manager, Henry also works the cash register when the restaurant gets busy.
Kierstyn Yardley uses her utensils to cut into her sandwich, as she realized it became too messy for her to hold. The deli sandwiches at the Falling Sky Brewery are a popular menu item.
A regular chef at the Falling Sky Brewery, Canyon Dutton, begins to assemble a chicken, bacon sandwich. Due to a constant flow of customers, Canyon is constantly busy cooking meals for the hungry customers.
The University of Oregon student, Kierstyn Yardley, goes in for a huge bite of her chicken, bacon sandwich. She worked up an appetite after having class all morning.