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The Museum Advisory Council last convened on October 25, 2019 in conjunction with the University of Oregon Board Summit, a gathering of several hundred UO school, college, and unit volunteers and donors. The MAC’s day began with tours of the museum’s archaeology labs followed by the board summit lunch with UO President Michael Schill. MAC members then convened for an afternoon discussion of top priorities for the academic year. Among these are continuing to educate elected representatives about the museum’s research, collections, exhibits, and programs; and launching the third annual Oregon Stewardship Award, which is open for nominations throughout January 2020.

2020 Museum Advisory Council
Margaret Conover

Cheryl Crumbley
Carole Daly
Amy Delaney
Jill Gelineau
Sylvia Giustina
Bill Hall
Elizabeth Kraus
Patty Krier

Donovan Mack
Andy McWilliams
Lee Michels
Marli Miller
Martin Pernoll
David Piercy
Frances White
Jason Younker

Executive Committee
Patty Krier, Co-chair

Andy McWilliams, Co-chair
Don Mack, Past Chair
Sylvia Giustina, Chair Emerita
Ann Craig, Staff Liaison

Ex Officio MAC and Executive Committee Members
Ann Craig, MNCH Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs

Jon Erlandson, MNCH Executive Director 
Scott Fitzpatrick, MCNH Associate Director 
Erin Hart, MNCH Senior Associate Director of Development 


—Kristin Strommer, Museum Communications


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