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Student and instructor at MNCH field school
Students dig into Oregon archaeology at MNCH field schools.

The Sandal Society—made up of museum supporters who contribute $1,000 or more annually—meets once a year to vote on how their combined contributions will be spent.

Earlier this winter, society members reviewed two funding proposals: The first, from museum archaeologists Dennis Jenkins and Patrick O’Grady, would support the museum’s archaeology field schools at two sites in Oregon’s Northern Great Basin region. The second proposal, submitted by Pam Endzweig and Elizabeth Kallenbach in our Anthropological Collections division, would support the development of ten new, online galleries featuring significant holdings including the Jensen Arctic Collection, Congolese collections, and more.

With $20,000 in private donations to allocate, the society voted to provide $12,200 to the field schools at Rimrock Draw Rockshelter and Connley Caves, and $7,800 to support the new digital galleries. Congratulations to all on the funding of your projects!

—Kristin Strommer, Museum Communications 





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