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By Erin Hart, Senior Associate Director of Development

Carol and Don Dumond
Carol and Don Dumond, 1972

The museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Dr. Don E. Dumond, who in 2019 established the Don E. and Carol Steichen Dumond MNCH Endowed Support Fund, providing unrestricted support for the museum and contributing substantially to its long-term financial health.

Having served as the museum’s executive director from 1982 to 1996, Don—affectionately known as Dr. D—understands firsthand the importance of endowment support. “My late wife Carol and I strongly agreed that our giving would have the greatest impact in the form of an endowment, which would provide increasing support for the museum in perpetuity.”

He also knows the value of unrestricted gifts – which allow the museum to actively serve its mission by allocating resources where and when they are most needed.

Don and Carol Dumond have deep roots in the museum family. They moved to Eugene in 1958, when Don embarked on his PhD studies at the University of Oregon.  Joining the UO anthropology faculty in 1962, Don began a distinguished tenure that would include extensive research and publication on the archaeology of Alaska, Oregon, and Mexico. He served as the Department of Anthropology’s head from 1972 to 1979, taking the helm at the museum in 1982. Numerous items uncovered during his archaeological fieldwork—including a significant array of Alaskan artifacts—are today housed in the museum’s collections.

Carol was an accomplished illustrator and sculptor whose works have appeared around the state of Oregon. After studying architecture at the UO, she established a successful career as a freelance advertising artist in the Portland area. She traveled to Mexico in 1950, where she met and married Don. Over the years, Carol contributed many maps and illustrations to Don’s research publications, which appeared in national and international journals. Carol was an avid supporter of the museum from early on, helping us raise the funds to build our current facility and photographing all phases of that project for our archives.

We lost Carol in 2014 and we miss her still.

We are deeply honored by the Dumonds’ recent gift and the opportunity it gives us to further their legacy as champions of science, culture, and lifelong learning.    


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