CMER alley from Barry'sThe LVC Lab is located on the second floor of the Center for Medical Education and Research (CMER) building, just west of the main UO campus at 722 East 11th Avenue, the corner of E 11th and Hilyard St.

The lab is on the same hallway as the Prof. Redford’s Speech & Language Lab and Prof. Kapatsinski’s Experimental Linguistics Lab but at the end of the hall to the left of the north stairwell. Signage for the lab itself is (still) not up, but the entrance to the lab can be found by following signs to Chopin or Boxberg once you are in the CMER building.

To get to the LVC Lab from the main UO campus:

  • Walk west on 13th ave, towards and past the Duck Store and the block of restaurants and shops.
  • Turn right and walk north on Alder St., towards (but not to) 11th ave.
  • Across from Barry’s Deli (on the west side of Alder), you will see parking lots and then an alley on the left, which runs between the main Peace Health buildings. The photo above shows the view from outside Barry’s.
  • Walk down the alley, past the parking areas. The green arrow in the photo above indicates your destination.
  • When you come to a T-intersection you will see a sign for The Center for Medical Education and Research off to the right. To the right of that sign is the main door.
  • Enter the building and take the elevator to the second floor.
  • Signs are posted inside CMER pointing to “Boxberg”.  These signs will direct you to the LVC Lab.  When you exit the elevator, you will have to exit a door on your right. From that door, turn right again, and then one more time. (You basically just need to walk around the elevator shaft/pillar.) You then come to a hallway, where the linguistic labs are.  Turn left, towards the exit sign and stairway labeled “north”.  Right before the stairway, on the left, is the entrance to the lab.